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Voltage Stabilizer 1250VA Automatic- For TV, Fridge, AC

Volt Guard-1500VA-for-LED-TV-AC-Fridge-and-All-Electronics-Items

Voltage Stabilizer 1250VA For TV | Fridge | AC Price in Bangladesh


Product Descriptions




Why you use Voltage Stabilizers?

Because voltage Stabilizer protects your Electronic devices.

And it can reduce the chances of power related damages.
Voltage fluctuation causes a lot of damages to electronic devices.

Because lots of Electronic Items go out of order for power related issues.

So, we recommend it for product’s safety.

Uses: Smart LED TVs, Refrigerator, Air-Conditioner and other electronics items.

Warranty: 2 Years Replacement warranty.

Shop- 345, 346, 347, Level-3,
Multiplan Center, New Elephant Road,
(In Between Bata Signal & Science Lab Police Box)
Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Volt-Guard For Lcd-Led Tv Price In Bangladesh.
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