Sony BDV-E4100 Dolby Blu-Ray 3D Wi-Fi Home Theater System

৳ 35,000 ৳ 34,000

Sony BDV-E4100 3D blu-ray home theater system has 5.1 channel configuration, 1000 watt total power output, dolby TrueHD audio, parental control, blu-ray player, DVD player, cinematic surround sound, audio return channel, FM radio, 3D video support, child lock, football mode, USB play, NFC, bluetooth, wi-fi wireless connectivity, HDMI output.


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Take sound to a new level

Because the E4100 features two tall speakers in its surround sound set-up, you’ll enjoy dynamic sound that’s even more like being in a movie theatre. Add in easy connectivity, including One-touch listening, and you’re ready to turn heads with your sound performance.

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Don’t listen, feel

Whether you’re watching a new movie or playing a favourite album, experience audio with real impact.

With a punchy 1000W output, two tall speakers, two satellite speakers and a subwoofer you’ll hear precise, powerful surround sound that puts you at the heart of the action.

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One-touch listening

Share music from your NFC and Bluetooth® enabled smartphone or tablet with a touch on your Home Cinema System. Or stream music from a PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod* via Bluetooth®. Whatever you play, Digital Music Enhancer cleans up the sound for you.

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Wirelessly share movies, photos and more

With Wi-Fi built-in, you can easily connect a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or connect direct to the Internet – with no messy cables needed. Stream all kinds of entertainment from your personal photos and playlists to online movies, catch-up TV and YouTube™ clips.

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Discover a world of online entertainment

Come to the end of your film library? In the Sony Entertainment Network the only limit is your imagination – stream HD movies, millions of songs you can play around your home, your favourite TV channels, plus there’s a web browser and apps for weather, news, games and more.

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Sharp looks with flawless style

Our latest Home Cinema Systems showcase our new Sense of Quartz design, inspired by the cut-glass edges and gleaming facets of rock crystal. From speakers to remote controls, each element brings a sense of refined, understated style to your living space.

Enjoy movies with real impact

Get the kind of picture quality that really pulls you into the action. Watch a 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD in Full HD with natural colour and sharp detail. Even online videos will seem smoother than on your computer thanks to clever picture enhancements.


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