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Television For Sell in Bangladesh

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Television Sell in Bangladesh – All Smart TV, LED TV, 4K TV Best Price

Television Sell in Bangladesh Descriptions:

Buy Sony, Samsung, LG, General, Gree, walton, PERFECT, Chigo, Midea Branded Original Product led TV, Appliance, Air Conditioner, Electronics Products and more!

TV Audio Video Products Sell Online in Bangladesh by Shan Electronics. LED-TV, Air-Conditioners, Home-Theater, Speaker, Laptop, Desktop Computer and Parts.

How many of us can actually imagine our lives without the existence of television? We are not likely to find someone in that regard. Television has become such an inseparable part of our life. When it was first invented, the purpose of a television was very simple. It could only show certain tv channels and shows to entertain their users. But it has come a long way since then.

Now television price in Bangladesh has become the ultimate source of entertainment and massive communication. It connects people from across the world by sharing their culture and lifestyle. We can enjoy the concert of our favorite band from the other end of the world through branded tv buy online. It has completely removed the barrier of time and border. We can now experience the things we have never imagined to face from our home and it is only because of tv price in BD.

it can show us the underwater life of ocean, the milky ways of the sky, the northern lights of Antarctica right from our couch. Not just entertainment, it is also continuously updating us with the news and events from all around the world. It is providing us with all the knowledge we need to cope up with the current competitive world. Because of tv price in BD, we are being able to watch and learn more about the cultures and traditions of people from different corners of the world.Television Sell in Bangladesh.Television Sell in Bangladesh


Television Sell in Bangladesh at Competitive Price

Many branded companies are on a competitive race to create the ultimate experience for their customers by designing the best television price in Bangladesh with great feature. In this process, customers now have a wide range of choices. Different types of televisions with different features intend to satisfy different needs of the customers..

You will find HD, Full HD, UHD, Curved, Smart, and QLED TV as choices in time of purchasing a television. In order to buy television online BD of an original branded, you can always trust the renowned brand available at Shanbd.com. all the brands are highly known for their genuine products and their quality. You can find televisions of these popular brands in Bangladesh in with a variety of price range. We are going to provide you with all branded TV price in Bangladesh.

  • You can find HD TV, Screen Size 24”- 32” with a starting price of 11,700BDT up to 37,900BDT.
  • You can find HD TV, Screen Size 40”- 49” with a starting price of 24,500BDT up to 53,900BDT.
  • Full HD TV, Screen Size 40”- 49” with a starting price of 24,500BDT up to 129,900BDT.
  • Full HD TV, Screen Size 50”- 55” with a starting price of 189,900BDT.
  • UHD TV price in BD, Screen Size 40”- 49” with a starting price of 57,900BDT up to 87,900BDT.


  • You can find UHD TV, Screen Size 50”- 55” with a starting price of 96,900BDT up to 129,900BDT.
  • You can find Smart TV, Screen Size 24”- 32” with a starting price of 23,000BDT up to 37,900 BDT.
  • You can find Smart TV price in Bangladesh, Screen Size 40”- 49” with a starting price of 28,400BDT up to 129,900BDT.
  • You can find Smart TV, Screen Size 50”- 55” with a starting price of 96,900BDT up to 189,900 BDT.
  • You can find & compare QLED TV price in BD with a starting price of 396,000BDT up to 495,900 BDT.

It is very important to purchase branded television in Bangladesh from original brands to make sure that you have acquired the best quality. This is where Shanbd.com comes in.Television Sell in Bangladesh

SHAN Electronics are Dealing with many branded company such as SONY, Samsung, LG, Philips and Panasonic. So if you are searching for an original brand for television,  is place you should go to.


Shanbd.com is offering different types of TV in BD of original brands for its customers in the best television price in Bangladesh. You will find all the world class brands depending on which type of TV you are interested to purchase.

HD TV: HD refers to High Definition TV that provides higher resolutions when it comes to image quality than the standard definition TV. HD TV Price in Bangladesh are not that demanded now a days but if you want one, you can find it in Shanbd.com.

Samsung Television in Bangladesh
Samsung HD TVs come in several screen sizes from 24” to 43” with features like high resolution picture quality, natural color experience with PurColour, and slim designs. These HD models have 2 years of panel warranty. Their starting price is 15,000BDT up to 53,900BDT.

PERFECT Television in Bangladesh
PERFECT is a Bangladeshi Brand that provides different model of television with color sense technology, HDMI compatibility, changeable picture and sound modes and edge less screens.
The starting price of these models is 11,700BDT.

Panasonic Television in Bangladesh
Panasonic also provides HD & LED TV price in Bangladesh with features like backlight motion rate, Dot noise reduction, IPS LED with the starting price of 26,000BDT.

Philips Television in Bangladesh
Philips provides various model of full HD, LED TV starting price is 27,900 BDT with crystal clear color experience, USB compatibility and HDMI compatibility.Television Sell in Bangladesh

Offers and Other Facilities:
Shanbd.com serves you to ensure the best purchase experience along with the original brand warranty and best quality products. SHAN Electronics provides you with 2 years Panel warranty, 1 year Spare warranty as well as 2 years of after sale services with television purchase. You can also enjoy variety of offers on Television price in Bangladesh all around the year during different occasions such as Eid offer, winter offers, and wedding offers. All in all, Shanbd.com is the best place for you to get the best prices television in Bangladesh of original brand and superior customer service.

Television Price List in Bangladesh December 2020
Television Price List in Bangladesh
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