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Mobile Phone for Talking | Feature Phone | Button Phone Non Smart

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Mobile Phone for Talking | Feature Phone

A feature phone is a type of mobile phone that has more features than a standard cellphone but is not equivalent to a smartphone. Feature phones can make and receive calls, send text messages and provide some of the advanced features like media player, digital camera, personal organizer, and Internet access found on a smartphone. Feature phones were primarily designed for customers who want a multi functional mobile phone but aren’t willing to pay the higher prices associated with true smartphones. Find various feature phone brands in Bangladesh.

There was a time when people had phones in their pockets that were only able to make phone calls and send SMS. If someone was lucky, they had some lovely polyphonic ringtones on their device, which they could listen to before going to bed at night. Some were lucky to have FM radio and the legendary snake game as well, which brought a lot of excitement. These phones didn’t have any camera, video recording, real apps, HD games, OTG, GPS, compass, net browsing, Facebooking possibility, chatting, etc.

But believe it or not, these phones were quite pricey, and most of us were very proud to hold these kinds of phones in hand and walk around fifteen-twenty years ago. Although this is the age of smartphones, many people still prefer to use these kinds of the old day feature, bar, or standard mobile phones. They are also called “button phones” in Bangladesh. There are various reasons for its popularity.

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Mobile Phone for Talking | Feature Phone | Button Phone Non Smart

Latest official and unofficial Feature Phones price list in Bangladesh 2021 from all popular brands. … A feature phone is a mobile phone that retains the form factor of earlier-generation phones, with button-based input and a small display. … There is no doubt that the most popular feature phone of all time in Bangladesh is NOKIA. Also There are few More Brand which also have the huge number of Customers and a great market share among the Feature phone Market in Bangladesh.

Why Feature Phones? | Why Button Mobile Phone?

A lot of people still need a phone just to make calls and perhaps send some SMS. They don’t need all those cool features on their mobile devices. In particular, many from the older generation are not interested in all the smartphone hype going on. Then there is another kind of customer group that likes to have two different types of phones (one smartphone and one feature phone) for two different purposes.

It can be, for example, because of security reasons. Where there is a possibility of theft, one can carry a cheap feature phone and in safe places, a smartphone.

Mobile Phone with great build quality and extended battery backup

Another thing is that great build quality feature phones usually provide extended battery backup. Most of the Nokia feature phones are good examples of it. With extended battery life, one can talk much longer without thinking about charging it every few hours. Other than Nokia, Symphony, Samsung and itel feature phones are also prevalent in Bangladesh as the price is usually quite low and there are many different kinds of styles and features available on these phones.

Mobile Phone Just for Talking | No Time Wasting with Bunch of Apps

Another reason to use button phones is to disconnect oneself from all the networking addiction, time-wasting apps, the urge for meaningless gaming, superficial trends and constant influence from one’s digital surroundings. Thus, living a life of true liberty and a more natural “offline life,” observing nature, contemplating the right purpose of life, helping the needy and be more attentive towards the family and taking real-life responsibilities.

Most Popular Feature Phone | Button Mobile Phone

There is no doubt that the most popular feature phone of all time in Bangladesh is the famous Nokia 1100. Some may still remember the old ringtone and snake game from this phone with the highly impressive build quality, long battery life, stylish design and the comfortable feeling holding it in hand.

Mobile Phone | Feature Phone | Button Phone Best Price in BD

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