General ac price in-Bangladesh | Best Price for General Air Conditioners in Bangladesh.
General ac price in-Bangladesh:

SHAN Electronics is one of the top seller of General Air Conditioners in Bangladesh. We have been reliably providing the world class air conditioners from General to Bangladeshi consumers for over 19 years. Now, you can buy your desired General AC from the comfort of your home. Buy General Air Conditioners with the Best Price in Bangladesh with Compressor Guarantee from Shan Electronics BD. Buy from our online shop and enjoy special discounts and free home delivery across Bangladesh.

Are you locking for buy original General AC in Bangladesh? Here we are.

We Provide Original General AC with Best price in Bangladesh. All of Our General AC are Brand New, Intact and Directly Imported from Thailand. General is a World Famous Brand in the Air Conditioning industry. The Company actually was The ” Fujitsu General Ltd” which was founded in Japan. and Spread the Business all over the world. General Air conditioners have Won the peoples heart by providing it’s customers the best quality build Products and affordable price. There are some variations of Air Conditioners.
General AC Collin Capacity Ranges:
There are Many Various Cooling Capacity range for Air Conditioners. some most commonly used Capacity are listed below:

1.0 Ton 12000 BTU

1.5 Ton 18000 BTU

2.0 Ton 24000 BTU

2.5 Ton 30000 BTU

3.0 Ton 36000 BTU

4.0 Ton 48000 BTU

5.0 Ton 60000 BTU

General has also different types of Air-Conditioners of different air Conditioning category. Such as:
Window AC General
General Window Ac are the Single Unit type Ac. Which are basically installed on a room to flow the cold air to the room and exhaust the hot air out side of the room. Now a days these types of Air Conditioners are obsolete model.
Split Type AC General
General Split Type Ac are the modern type AC. which are Wall Mounting Type AC. Split types of AC consists of 2 (two) Units. One is the indoor unit and the other one is Outdoor unit. It is the Most Used Home Air Conditioner.
Cassette Type AC General
General Cassette Type Ac are used for Commercial Spaces, Office, Shop, Showroom, Hall Room or Large Home. It’s also a modern type AC. which are Ceiling/Wall Mounting Type AC.
Ceiling Type AC General
General Ceiling Type Ac are similar to Cassette type AC. It also used for Commercial Spaces, Office, Shop, Showroom, Hall Room or Large Home. It’s also a modern type AC. which are installed of Ceiling/roof. It is a Ceiling Mounting Type AC.
Portable Type AC General
General portable type AC are mostly used for Portable purpose in Home or Office or any other places where a portable AC is Required.
Industrial Type AC General
General Industrial Type AC is used for commercial or Industrial Purpose for the Respected industry or the Place.

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