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Midea MSI-12CRN 1 Ton Split Inverter AC

Midea MSI-12CRN 1 Ton Split Inverter AC
Midea MSI-12CRN 1 Ton Split Inverter AC
  • Status: In Stock
  • Brand: Midea
  • Model: MSI-12CRN

Key Features

  • Cooling Current: 5.5A
  • Input: 1200W
  • Eco-friendly product service.

Midea MSI-12CRN 1 Ton Inverter AC

Midea MSI-12CRN-AF9 is an efficient and powerful 1.0 ton inverter air conditioner that can cool an area of 80-120 square feet. It has a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU/hour, which is efficient enough for small to medium sized rooms. This air conditioner has a powerful Hitachi compressor that will ensure fast and efficient cooling. This air conditioner has also efficient and effective inverter technology that saves up to 60% energy. The noiseless operation of the AC ensures a peaceful environment in the room. The double layer condenser provides an additional layer of protection and enhances the durability of the air conditioner.The sleep mode feature ensures that you get a comfortable sleep by gradually adjusting the room temperature as per your body requirements. The LED display, timer, and auto on/off features make it easy to operate the air conditioner. The remote control comes with batteries and allows you to control the air conditioner from anywhere in the room.The Midea MSM-12CRN is a reliable and high-quality air conditioner that provides excellent cooling performance and ensures a comfortable environment in your room.

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