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Logitech Surround Sound Z623 2:1 Speaker

Logitech Surround Sound Z623 2:1 Speaker
Logitech Surround Sound Z623 2:1 Speaker
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  • Brand: LOGITECH
  • Model: Z623

Key Features

Logitech Z623 2:1 Speaker

The Logitech Z623 2:1 Surround Speaker system stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering premium audio experiences. Designed for those who appreciate high-quality sound, this speaker system brings powerful and immersive audio to your home entertainment setup. At the core of the Z623 system is its impressive audio capability. With a frequency response spanning from 35 Hz to 20 KHz, these speakers reproduce a wide range of frequencies, ensuring that you can enjoy the deepest bass tones to the crispest highs with clarity and precision. The subwoofer, a substantial component of any audio system, is a standout feature of the Z623. Standing at 284 mm in height, 305 mm in width, and 266 mm in depth, this powerhouse is not only capable but also visually commanding. With a weight of 7000 g, it delivers a sturdy and substantial feel, emphasizing its durability and quality construction. The subwoofer is the driving force behind the impressive bass performance, capable of filling the room with deep, resonant tones. Logitech takes user convenience seriously, evident in the physical specifications of the Z623. The speakers come in an elegant black color, adding a touch of sophistication to your entertainment setup. The system includes a 3.5mm auxiliary input for seamless connectivity to a variety of devices, and an RCA input for added versatility. The inclusion of a headphone jack allows for private listening, providing a personal audio experience when needed. One of the notable features of the Z623 is its power output. With a total peak power of 400W and RMS power of 200W, the system delivers a robust and dynamic audio performance. The subwoofer contributes a substantial 130W, while each satellite delivers 35W, collectively creating a balanced and immersive audio experience that elevates your music, movies, and games. User control is made easy with the intuitive controls located on the right speaker. Power, volume, and bass controls are conveniently placed for quick adjustments, allowing you to tailor the audio output to suit your preferences and the nature of the content you're enjoying. 

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