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JBL Bar 9.1 - Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

JBL Bar 9.1 - Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
JBL Bar 9.1 - Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • Status: In Stock
  • Brand: JBL
  • Model: Bar 9.1 - Channel

Key Features

  • 820W Output Power
  • 10" Wireless Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 34Hz~20kHz

JBL Bar 9.1 - Channel Soundbar

Achieve enhanced sound compared to your display's speakers wirelessly with the JBL Bar 9.1 820W 5.1.4-Channel Soundbar System. It delivers up to 820W of total power and includes a 10" wireless subwoofer to deliver more powerful sound than your display can produce. The two wireless satellite speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries that provide up to 10 hours of use between charges; just dock them onto the sides of the soundbar to recharge them. The Bar 9.1 is equipped for wired connectivity as well, with HDMI, optical, and USB inputs, plus an HDMI output that is eARC-compatible for display-based audio, such as built-in apps. The HDMI ports support 4K video pass-through thanks to HDCP 2.3 compliance. In addition to tabletop placement, the soundbar and satellite speakers can be wall-mounted with the included hardware.  Featuring an amplifier power of 820W, the JBL Bar 9.1 fills your room with cinematic sound, making you feel like you're right in the heart of the action. The soundbar itself boasts a sleek and compact design, measuring 884 x 62 x 120mm, while the detachable surround speakers add flexibility to your setup, providing an immersive surround sound experience. The subwoofer, measuring 305 x 440 x 305mm, delivers deep, thunderous bass that brings movies, music, and games to life. With wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth version 4.2, setup is effortless, allowing you to stream your favorite content from compatible devices without the hassle of cables. Additionally, the JBL Bar 9.1 is powered by a reliable 100 – 240VAC, ~ 50/60Hz power source.

JBL Bar 9.1 - Channel Soundbar

  • Amplifier Power: Equipped With An Impressive 820W Amplifier, Providing Powerful And Dynamic Sound Performance.
  • Versatile Configuration:
  • Soundbar Dimensions: Measures 884 X 62 X 120mm (34.8 X 2.4 X 4.7 Inches), Offering A Sleek And Compact Design.
  • Detachable Surround Speaker Dimensions: Each Detachable Surround Speaker Measures 173 X 60 X 120mm (6.8 X 2.4 X 4.7 Inches), Providing Flexibility In Placement And Configuration.
  • Subwoofer Dimensions: The Wireless Subwoofer Measures 305 X 440 X 305mm (12.0 X 17.3 X 12.0 Inches), Delivering Deep And Powerful Bass.
  • Lightweight Design: The Soundbar Weighs 3.70kg (8.1 Lb), While Each Detachable Surround Speaker Weighs 0.75kg (1.6 Lb), Facilitating Easy Setup And Repositioning.
  • Subwoofer Weight: The Subwoofer Weighs 11.14kg (24.6 Lb), Ensuring Stability And Powerful Bass Performance.
  • Wireless Connection: Utilizes Wireless Connectivity For Hassle-Free Setup And Operation.
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2: Allows For Seamless Streaming Of Audio Content From Compatible Devices.

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