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Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC

Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC
Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC
Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC
Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC
Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC
  • Status: In Stock
  • Brand: HAIER
  • Model: HSU-12EnergyCool

Key Features

  • BTU: 1-Ton, 12000 BTU/h
  • Coverage: 120 Square Feet
  • Self-Clean Rate: 99.9%

Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC

the Haier 12Energycool 1 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner boasting a 12000 BTU capacity and innovative EnergyCool inverter technology, this unit ensures efficient and powerful cooling for any space. Its sleek white design seamlessly integrates into any room, while the hidden LED display adds a touch of sophistication. With a 99.9% self-clean rate and Cold Expansion technology, Haier guarantees pristine air quality by eliminating dirt and sterilizing the environment. Enjoy up to 65% energy savings thanks to Triple Inverter Plus technology, which optimizes performance while maintaining comfort levels. Equipped with surge protection up to 550V and the ability to operate at temperatures up to 60°C, this AC unit ensures reliability and durability in any conditions. With a long-distance airflow of 15m and instant chill capability within 30 seconds, cooling your space has never been more efficient. Moreover, the low voltage operation down to 140V ensures uninterrupted cooling without the need for a stabilizer. 

Haier HSU-12EnergyCool 1 Ton Inverter AC

  • Self-Clean Rate: Boasts a 99.9% self-clean rate, ensuring clean and sterilized air for your comfort.
  • Cold Expansion Technology: Freezes the evaporator with moisture in the air, removing dirt and ensuring clean air output.
  • Triple Inverter Plus: Integrates TLFM, PID, and A-PAM inverter control for smart control and maximum comfort and reliability.
  • Surge Protection: Withstands up to 550V surge voltage, ensuring consistent cooling even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Instant Chill: Provides instant chill within 30 seconds, ensuring rapid cooling of the room.
  • Long Distance Flow: The unit can blow air up to 15m, reaching extreme corners of the room for comprehensive cooling.
  • High-Temperature Cooling: Operates efficiently even at high temperatures up to 60°C, ensuring consistent cooling performance.
  • Low Voltage Operation: Equipped with an Extreme Wide Voltage system, ensuring stabilizer-free operation even at voltages as low as 140V.
  • Hidden LED Display: Features a sleek hidden LED display for easy monitoring and control.

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