Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton Best Fairy Split AC


Key Features

  • Model: GS-18NFA410
  • Capacity: 18,000 Btu/Hr. (1.5 Ton)
  • Coverage: 121-180 Sft
  • Washable Air Purify Filters
  • Power Consumption: 2.20 KW


Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton Fairy-Split Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

The Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton Fairy-Split Non-Inverter Air Conditioner is a top-quality efficiency ductless mini-split system that works very well at single place applications.

It has 1.5 ton 18000 BTU, 1540 watt input capacity, multi fan speeds, wide angel AC louvers, comfortable sleeping mode, anti-cool wind, turbo button, clock display, self-diagnosis, washable air purify filters, memory function, lock, automatic operation, inverter and on/off the system, golden fin condenser, low voltage startup, low-temperature startup, intelligent defrosting, drying operation, auto clean, LED control and soft start, golden fin condenser, intelligent defrosting and up/down air outlet, auto restart / auto-sleep, airflow directional control. It can cover up to 100–150 Sqft. This AC high-wall duct-free system is without comparative or others.Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton

\Convenience stages can be easily handled. This Air Conditioner works on the idea of varying air compressor rates. The air compressor requires voltages as low as 1.0 amperes. The air compressor rate then goes up to its highest possible and then reduces as the temperature is managed in space. In perfect circumstances. The chilling gas used within is R410a which is roughly 20 is more efficient both with regards to cooling and power preserving. This technology is perfect for locations where turbines are used as a backup.Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton

It comes with Anti Fungus or Bacteria Filter, Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter, Odour Removing Function. Air Circulation High M3/Hour, Inner-540, Outer 1760-1830, and Automatic Air Flow Adjustment. This Air Conditioner comes with 05 Year Compressor Warranty.Gree GS-18NFA410 1.5 Ton


Basic Information
AC Type Split
Technology Non-Inverter
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Coverage 121-180 Sft
Energy Saving Rating 3.3 Star
Capacity of Cooling (BTU) 18,000
Compressor Type Rotary
Condenser Type Golden Fin Condenser
Refrigerant Type R-410A (CFC Free)
Others Multi Fan Speeds, Up/Down Swing Flaps, Air Flow Direction Control.
Low Voltage Start up.
Smart Energy saving operation.
I Feel, Comfortable Sleeping Mode.
Cold Air Prevention.
Quite Design, Compact Design.
Timer, Clock Display, Intelligent Defrosting, Drying Operation.
Air Purify Filters, Washable Filters.
Up/down swing flaps & LED Display.
Turbo Button, Self Diagnosis, Auto Clean.
Power Type 220V/1Ph/50Hz
Power Consumption 2.20 KW
Physical Specification
Dimensions Indoor: 1013x307x221 mm
Outdoor: 899x596x378 mm
Weight Indoor Unit Net Weight: 13.5 kg
Outdoor Unit Net Weight: 42 kg
Color White
Warranty Information
Warranty 05 Year Compressor Warranty
Installation and delivery charges must be paid by the customer. Delivery and installation charges may vary due to location and building height.


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