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Digital Optical Audio Cable For Home-theater Sound Bar TV- 3 Feet

Digital Optical Audio Cable For Home-theater Sound Bar TV- 3 Feet

Digital Optical Audio Cable (Toslink- Fiber Optic Cable) Price in Bangladesh.

Pure Audio

Whether it’s the crescendo of a symphony or cacophony of crashing cars, high-quality audio allows for full immersion into your favorite music, movies, video games, and more. Sound connoisseur or not, this Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable delivers superior sound that won’t go unnoticed. Use the convenient cable to quickly connect a CD player, Blu-Ray player, game console, or other audio component to a pre-amplifier, audio system, or home theater system. Then sit back and enjoy some serious sound.

Cable Length : 3.3 Feet (1 Meter)

Optimal Signal Transfer: In addition to its durable, protective, black PVC exterior, the cable features buffer tubing and corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for a distortion-free stream of fiber-optic digital audio. Compared to ordinary electrical wires where there can be electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, the signal is more pure, offering clearer audio for a more genuine rendering of the originally recorded sound.

User-Friendly Design: Thoughtfully constructed, this Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable provides connector grips for easy handling; a lightweight, flexible form; and removable rubber tips that protect the cable when it’s not plugged in. To use, simply connect each end to its respective port on a compatible device and it’s ready to go. Choose from a variety of sizes including 6-feet long (1.8 meters), 9.8-feet long (3 meters), and 3.3-feet long (1 meter) (each sold separately).

Compatibility of Digital Optical Audio Cable

The Digital Optical Audio Cable works with most standard and high-definition devices fitted with Toslink ports. Use it with anything from high-def gaming systems and LCD flat-panel TVs to Blu-ray/DVD players and satellite/cable boxes. The cable’s multi-channel connection will even send a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack to an audio processor or A/V receiver so you can enjoy a sensational surround-sound experience. The cable is compatible with S/PDIF and ADAT’s, as well.

Fiber optic cable structure is a single mode or multi-mode fiber into the loose sleeve, cable core center is a non-metal reinforced piece, loose sleeve around its twisting and synthesis of compact and round cable core, cable core gap filled to prevent water compounds extruded by a layer of polyethylene inner sheath, aramid yarn armor extruded into polyethylene outer sheath cable.

Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
Good waterproof performance
Gel-filled Loose tube protect the fiber well
All dielectric material good for application in thunder area
Light weight and small diameter reducing the load caused by towers and backprops
Large span lengths and the largest span is over 1000m

The products comply with relevant standards of YD/T,IEC and ITU.

Technical Specification

1.D is the diameter of the cable;
2.The above parameters are typical value;

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Warranty: This Product Digital Optical Audio Cable Comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty.


Question: What is an optical audio cable?
Ans: The one standout in home audio/video market is the optical audio cable. Unlike other cabling standards, the optical audio system uses fiber optic cables and laser light to transmit digital audio signals between devices. … (This is why you’ll sometimes hear them referred to as Toshiba-Link, or TOSLINK cables.)


Question: What is the use of Digital Optical Audio Cable?

Ans: The Optical Audio Cables are mainly used to connect Home Theater audio systems or Multimedia Speakers with HD TV for Loss less Audio signal Transmission. The Sound Quality improves dramatically by connecting a Audio Systems with HD TV.

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