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Best Television Price List in Bangladesh May-Jun-2021

Best Television Price List in Bangladesh May-Jun-2021

Best TV Price List in Bangladesh 2021Latest Price
Samsung TU8000 43″ 4K UHD Voice Control Smart TV৳ 46,900
Sony Bravia X8000H 49 Inch 4K Android Television৳ 67,000
Sony KD-65X8000H 65″ 4K X-Reality PRO Android Flat TV৳ 123,000
Sony Bravia 55″ X7500H Android 4K Television৳ 77,900
SONY Bravia 43″ X7500H UHD 4K Voice Control Android TV৳ 54,000
Sony Bravia 65″ X7500H UHD 4K Voice Control Android TV৳ 114,900
Samsung T5500 43″ Full HD Voice Control Smart TV৳ 41,900
China 43″ Flat FHD 1080p LED Android Smart Television৳ 21,500
Samsung T4500 32 Inch Smart LED TV with Voice Control৳ 23,500
Xiaomi Mi 43″ 4A UHD 4K Android Smart TV Global Version৳ 31,999

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TV Buying in Bangladesh

A TV can increase the level of entertainment in your home. But in order to find the TV you like from so many TVs in the market, you must have some idea about TV. That is why below we have some essential information about Televisions that will help you find the desired TV for your home.

Technology that should be used in a TV

Televisions use a variety of technologies such as CRT, Plasma, LCD, and LED. At present, the two most popular technologies are LED and OLED.

Plasma is the first HD technology to be discovered. In this technology, every tiny part of an image is filled with xenon and neon gas. This technology provides many high quality colors and bright lighting. It will give you a different experience when you watch an HD movie on a plasma TV. Each of these tiny lights will give you a natural aura. Will ensure a true movie watching experience.

LCD TVs provide brightly illuminated images in virtually any environment. An LCD TV fills each picture with tiny liquid transparent light. LCD TVs are perfect for everything. Such as gaming, movie watching etc. LCD TVs provide the appropriate value for each image.

LED TV is similar to LCD TV. However, LED TVs use “light emitting diodes” or LED technology that illuminates the screen more. LED TVs are slimmer and more energy efficient than LCD TVs. LED TVs provide much brighter light than LCD TVs. An LED TV can illuminate a certain area where the light needs to be low.

OLED is the latest invention HD technology that produces realistic images with the help of brighter light. It is as energy efficient as LED TV. OLED technology contains some carbonaceous components. These become illuminated when electricity starts flowing in them. With OLED technology, every pixel can be turned off. It is completely black in color. As a result, its contrast ratio is much higher.

Which size TV should be bought ?

Currently 32″ to 65″ televisions are available in Bangladesh. Basically the exact size of the TV depends on the size of your room and the viewing distance. If your TV is execessive smaller or bigger than the room, watching your TV will not be a good experience. Below is how to choose the right size TV for different sized rooms:

32 inch: Less than 5 feet
42 inch: 5.5 to 6 feet
50 inch: 7.5 to 10 feet
55 inch: 7.5 to 11.5 feet
60 inch: 7.5 to 12 feet
65 inch: 7.5 to 13 feet

Above maximum distance is required for the latest 4K display and lowest for HD.

Rgular or Smart TV

Ordinary TV only shows words and pictures sent from the TV station. Video networks like YouTube, Nuli, Netflix etc. cannot be enjoyed by connecting TV to the internet. Some TVs have USB facility so that video files can be played with the help of pen drive or hard disk. However, if you already purchased the regular TV then you don’t need to change the TV instead you can use a Smart TV Box to convert your regular TV into smart TV.

Television is now not limited to just watching broadcast programs. The smart TV is connected to the Internet by smart connectivity like Wi-Fi, USB, LAN, Bluetooth and smart OS Android which allows you to enjoy web browsing, web videos like YouTube, social networking, and online gaming.

Resolution that should be used in a TV

The higher the resolution, the better the image. 3 types of resolution are available. 720p, 1080p and 4K. These carry a certain amount of pixels. The higher the pixels, the better the image quality.

Refresh rate in a TV

Refresh rates are usually offered on LCD and LED TVs. Refresh rate is the amount of images you are able to play or display per second. So, 60Hz frame rate means showing 60 images per second. It only plays an important role when you see a fast action such as games, or action movies.

Knowing the different Brands before buying a TV

There are many TVs of different technologies available in the market today including Sony’s Bravia, Samsung UDH Curved TV, LG TV, Xiaomi’s MI TV, Toshiba TV, Philips TV, TCL TV. However, it seems that Sony’s Bravia is more popular among buyers because of its good quality pictures. China made TV is also popular for its low price with decent quality, among them Sky View China TV has got some popularity in Bangladesh.

Extra things you might need

The HDMI port is needed to connect your TV to other important devices such as A / V receiver, Blu-ray player or gaming console so get the latest HDMI version  that supports at least 4K bandwidth.

Friendly TV buying

Budget is an important factor in buying a TV. Everyone wants to buy a good quality TV at a low price. But in terms of buying a better version of a Television, The above tips should be kept in mind especially when Buying TV in Bangladesh.

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