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SHAN ELECTRONICS –Your Trusted Electronics Shop in Bangladesh

SHAN ELECTRONICS is one of the top electronics, electric and home appliances brand with one of the largest trusted online shop. We have a large amount of satisfied customer under the banner of SHAN Electronics in Bangladesh. SHAN Electronics had entered into online business in 2017 nearly every aspect of modern life. The key secret behind the success of SHAN Electronics lays its variation of production capacity and customized orientation of new product as per the demand of the customer. We are here to decorate your home with full of joy & happiness. Our satisfied customer is our power, and we strongly believe in after sell service. We have a large team consisting of 45 dedicated members. SHAN Electronics is dedicated to building a more advanced society through the different types of Electronics products like LED TV Price In Bangladesh, Air Conditioner, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Accessories & Gadgets products. SHAN Electronics comes here to help choose the right brand for buying Smart TVs at your budget. We always offer the 100% genuine LED/LCD TVs, Smart television of premium brands like PERFECT, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Transtech, and many more. All the products in the site listed come with warranty/guaranty and customer services provided by respective brands or manufacturers. Additionally, you can comparison different products prices in Bangladesh from this site with others too. And we offer the best prices equated to any other business e-commerce site..

Sony Smart TV Price in Bangladesh

Sony is one of the top brands among all other Tv brands. Current days, Sony has been bringing lots of innovative models like 4k HDR TVs, OLED TVs, Full HD TVs and so on. Those who prefer quality and service over price will like any of Sony smart TVs. SHAN ELECTRONICS offers all the state-of-art smart Sony televisions at the right price and full warranty service. Yes, the site will provide all the warranty and guaranty service that the manufacturer offers. We invite to take a look into our tv collections there, models, specifications and of course the price. Deepening on the stock availability, we assure you to provide all the 100% genuine products like the real showroom of Sony.

Sony smart TV price in Bangladesh could vary different sites to sites or showrooms to showrooms. But we assure you that our cost of every other product including Sony televisions matches the current price rate provided by the brands. And bonus, you could enjoy, different discount offers various occasions over the years.

Samsung smart TV price in Bangladesh

Samsung brand is now giving competition with all the top brands around the world. And they are making Smart tv that offers right colour, fantastic sound quality. Samsung presents 4k UHD Smart TV with Pure Colour & GDR, Smart Coverage, and Smart Hub with one remote control with. This smart television starts from 18,000.00 to 1,00,000.00 TAKA. All the Samsung tv comes with 2 years of manufactures warranty

Sony Home Theater

Sony electronics are offering some extraordinary home theater with huge features. All the home theater includes wifi, smartphone, tablet connectivity, radio FM detection and provides a high bit of music. These smart home theater will be found from twelve thousand to around eighty thousand according to various model. Explore more buy Sony home theater.

Amazing Features of the Smart TV in BD

Smart television comes with lots of amazing features like streaming video service, fast user interface, media player, universal search, etc. also, you can play online games, use app stores, make Skype call too. It’s like collaborating all the phone, computer, and play station altogether. So, get a smart led television now from, or you can check the led tv price in bd here.

Home Theater

Home theater is one that needed for a peaceful
environment in the house. The sweet, pleasing voice brings joy and relaxation in mind. And, help to remove all weariness and exhaustion of a busy day. So, anyone aware of today’s smart home theater? It is more than just an audio tape of early days. There is multi-function such as wifi
connectivity, cd/DVD player, smartphone connection, broadcasting of FM radio, etc. The thin smart flat device is compatible with any home or office. Even it has different size according to choice and remote controller. So, planning for a home theater can explore more from various brand. Take your movie watching and music listening to the next level with an all-in-one home theater system. These systems usually come with DVD players or Blu-ray players as well as receivers, speakers, and subwoofers. You’ll enjoy your entertainment so much more with SHAN’s selection of systems from top brands like Samsung, Sony, Yamaha, Philips, Bose, and Harmon Kardon. Build the ultimate cinematic experience with a Blu-ray or DVD-based home theater system. These components support high definition or Full HD giving all your movies a razor sharp, crisp, and bright look onscreen. The accompanying sound system and receiver are also built for HD audio.

Home Appliances

Get some help with the home applicant for every day’s work to save some time. Introducing top brand electronic product such as iron, oven, rice cooker, water tap, intercom phone, heater, etc. The manual and mini portable home applicant are also attainable like hand blender, hand sewing machine, mini blender, etc. Any kinds of and any useful item all are available here. Anyone fond of any brand can find it here and their related products. The popular brand selling the applicant on the online site are Royal Mart, Ocean, Sharp, Miyako, One Touch, etc. local company and brand are also not out of the list. So, no need to find around any showroom for a necessary appliance. All brand and any essential home applicant will be found in one place. Even with the standard price and discount no bargaining and wasting time. Local and foreign seller warranty or guarantee also provided. Online shopping is hassled free and time saver. Full description of any product is tagged with the item, and there is a chance to talk with the seller. After getting complete details and be sure of the item purchase can make. Anyone can make a complaint about a defective or wrong item sent. After that, it is the seller responsibility to send the right product on time. So, one will be cheated or face any trusted issue. However, online shopping site is getting popular day by day for quick delivery, multi-product in one place, affordable price, saving, time and trust issue. That’s why busy working people prefer the online shop.

Air Cutter

Air Cutter or Air Curtain Air Conditioner might not be widespread in Bangladesh like another brand. But it is useful and can compete with a top well-known brand. The device designed with Vertical Stream air that reduces noise, work as uniform and the barrier of the exhaust of cold air. It also prevents smoke, dust, odor, insects from admitting into the inside. It is energy and cost saver because it is reasonable anyone can afford it. Within twenty thousand 3 feet, 4 feet or 5 feet Air Cutter or Air Curtain AC will be found. So, try out something new one besides as usual brand.