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Online Electronics Appliance Store Concept in Bangladesh

Electronics Appliance Online Store in Bangladesh is a new idea. We SHAN Electronics are one of the proud pioneers in this sector. In foreign countries, especially in the Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and rest of the first world, most of the electronics items and Home Appliances are bought and sold over the internet. This way there is no hassle of going to the shop physically. You can just check the specs online and place an order. However in a country like Bangladesh, this method is not always safe, there are many no name, unreliable retailers who might try to scam your valuable, hard-earned money or even worse deliver you a counterfeit or duplicate product of inferior quality. Owing to these reasons, people do not have faith in online stores. However, we, SHAN Electronics aim to change it. We guarantee that all our merchandises are 100% genuine, we value our reputation and our customer’s satisfaction and therefore we never compromise on the quality of our products. We also vouch for the safe handling of your money, any transactions that you do with us whether physically or over the internet will be 100% secure. At our website, you can check the details of products, i.e. the specks, place orders or file complaints, although we can assure that you will not need to do the last at our shop. We charge very nominally on delivery and make sure the orders reach the clients fast. Since this industry is new and we are among the pioneers, we strive to set a benchmark for the newer competition. Our goal is not only to capture the industry but also make history by changing the trend in the Bangladeshi shopping industry. SHAN Electronics is a trailblazing brand, and we vouch to provide you with the best services on and offline. So feel free to gain a new, one of a kind experience and visit our online electronics store today, you will love it!

TV Best Price in Bangladesh

TV Price in Bangladesh is relatively low. Our country, being a developing one has access to several markets overseas, especially China and can import products at a moderately low price. However being able to buy cheap products does not always mean a better deal. Televisions come in all shapes and sizes and various qualities. A product from a good reputable brand might serve you for many years, while a cheap replica or no name brand item might be cheap to buy, but there could be lots of maintenance and servicing requirements. And the worst products won’t last no matter how well a care you take. So even though the price is an issue, and perhaps a crucial one, still other factors should be taken into consideration. Chinese products are cheap, but not a good choice because they have a very poor quality and are often illegal replicas of reputed brands. In Bangladesh, one should not buy a TV or any electronic gadget for that matter from a no-name vendor. The reason behind this is that many fraud dealers sell cheap, inferior quality products at seemingly lucrative prices. However, these deals are unwise because either the quality is not up to the mark or it could be illegal merchandise. Moreover, the market has been flooded by cheap Chinese products of inferior quality. Therefore one should always be careful at choosing the retailer. SHAN Electronics is a reputable name. We sell 100% original products and maintain a “no Chinese” policy and still deliver at a fair price. If anyone says they are offering lower rates than us, then we can confidently say that they are doing some fraud or selling cheap Chinese televisions. Our Company, SHAN Electronics ensure that your hard-earned money is put to good use. We deal with only the best products. Our rates are low, but unlike our competitors, we do not compromise on quality. We are that confident about our integrity. If you want to buy the best quality, genuine TV in Bangladesh at the lowest possible price, come to us, SHAN Electronics.

Smart TV in Bangladesh

Looking for Smart TV in Bangladesh ??? Great offer for you! SHAN ELECTRONICS offers best price for every Smart
TV and non smart TV too. Every Smart TV is now at a lowest price. SHAN ELECTRONICS through this opportunity should be available for you and every one who deserves that. Now you can fulfill your dream, by buying our product at a cheap rate. SHAN Electronics is also giving opportunity for the client who lives far across in Dhaka city. Just call us for buying any Product from Our Products Lineup. Shortly you will get Delivery of your product at your home/Office Door step through Our Delivery Vehicle or courier service. Beside our LED TV We import, Home Appliances like Microwave Oven, Kitchen Appliances, iron, Dish Washer, Vacuum cleaner, and many more. Every Product of our Company is brand new and Top Quality with the right cost.


Looking for a LED SMART TV at a Reasonable Price?

If you are looking for a good LED Smart TV at a Reasonable Price you can rely on us. Many Customers keep their faith on us before and they were not disappointed. We are running our business since a long time. We are in this Sector from almost a decade. Our After Sales Service Should satisfies you. You can also get our product at your home by our home delivery service all around Dhaka City just BDT From Our Company 200 to BDT 500 (Depends on Location) for vehicles expense charge. Product installation is free of cost for every Home Delivery Client as an honor Reward management. So why you are waiting, just call us and be a family member of SHAN Electronics, discount price is going on for a Short time of period. 
For further information of our any kind of products or Service, Please feel free to contact with us. Thanks for stay with us.

Turn On Your Normal TV into a SMART TV

SHAN Electronics is one of the popular TV showrooms in Bangladesh for best Quality and cost effective LED TVs in Bangladesh, We already have sold a Lots of Plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV and Semi Smart TVs during the past few years. Day by day the technologies are changing. And the Recent Smart TVs are most updated and more capable than imaginations of users. And the changing of Technology is a continuous process for every thing that related to Technology.
With keeping in minds for Those Honorable Customers who have bought
TVs from us or anywhere else who wants to have the latest technologies also in their TVs; or who are feeling a little bit disappointed with their non Smart LED TVs, or what ever else! We have imported an astonishing and valuable android smart TV box that could solve all the above matter. One product many solutions. We’ve bought this revolutionary product for thinking about our client’s satisfaction. You can use this product for any kind of led TV. If your led TV has a HDMI port , Just connect your TV with Android box than your non smart TV going to be smart , you can browse and downloading your favorite apps besides you can store apps or game in built in 8gb memory. Are you thinking about your old Led TV and get desperate for backdated? Now your backdated TV is going to be smart by using this product.
This Android box has a remote which is work for mouse cursor on your screen. You can do Many More things with this amazing-product. Please Visit Our Showroom to See Demonstration of this product. You may call us +8801765542331, +8804478077082 to ask our Sellers for any query about this particular product or any of our Products or Services. 
You can mail us or send us your any types of query about our products & Services online in our various online channels. You will be Served Shortly.

LED TV Best Price in Bangladesh

SHAN Electronics is one of the popular TV showrooms in Bangladesh for best Quality and cost effective LED TVs in Bangladesh, You can Obviously Rely on us.  Because No other business firms are offering facilities to Customers like us. Our all LED TVs are 100% original brand new with a process of checking numerous steps then we select our product. We are always very much concern about our product quality. Profit is not only for our main motto of business, but also we make relation in above circumstance there are many importer in Bangladesh. we imported a huge quantity of led TV in Bangladesh with maintain the rules and regulation of government .we are importer not a authorized dealer for that reason our price is lower than any other electronics showroom , all kind of led TV in our house have a serial number. You can confirm our product originality for this serial number.  You can Register Our Product through the Respected Brands Central Website. For your convenience we’ll provided 24 hours online support for any query. SHAN electronics has now opened a New Concern at Uttara for providing better Service to Clients from Those Area. You can buy our product nearby your location. We through two kind of warranty policy there are five years service warranty without parts and other is that added more than 25 % of basic price we’ll give you 1 yr full warranty with parts. We import all the latest series of electronics product as soon as the products release in global market.

Samsung TV Bangladesh

Samsung TV in Bangladesh has become very popular. You can buy original Samsung TV from SHAN Electronics. Samsung is a globally trusted, high reputation brand for electronics. From mobile phone to refrigerator, from tablet to television, Samsung excels in making all types of gadgets. Samsung’s products are reliable high performance. Samsung has been building computer monitors for a long time now,
and therefore their display technology is well tested. In the case of television, they not only improved the know-how, but has also added many new features. LCD or LED, general or smart, Samsung televisions come in all shapes and sizes. Right now, Samsung is one of the most popular and reputable brands for Television worldwide. Here in Bangladesh, Samsung is a good choice if you want to buy a new television. In fact only a very few brands can compete at Samsung’s level. A no name new brand product might be a little cheaper but spending a bit more for Samsung would be a wise choice indeed. However, before you go ahead and buy a Samsung TV, there are many things that you should take into consideration. Many retailers in the market sell fake Chinese duplicates calling it original Samsung. These are tough to find out, and many people end up paying good money for a bad product. Some vendors offer a little price reduction to lure the customers in and then sell counterfeit products. So to save a few hundred taka the customer gets a replica. You should be very careful about this type of fraud. We, SHAN Electronics only sell 100% genuine Samsung TV. We maintain a strict, “no Chinese” policy. So don’t spend your valuable money on no name retailers. If you want to buy an original Samsung TV, visit SHAN Electronics. Our rates are low, but our products are 100% genuine.

Sony Product in Bangladesh

SHAN Electronics is importing original Sony Product in Bangladesh. If you want original Sony products like Sony TV, Sony Home theatre, Sony Micro Oven, any kind of Home Appliance or Electronics accessories by Sony, visit our showroom or online store. Only we can insure you original Sony product’s guarantee. Without this brand we import all update brand and latest series TV. SHAN Electronics gives another opportunity, which is if you any want any LED TV of your special requirement just give us 25% advance of TV price, and we will import your favorite led TV. Be a member of SHAN Electronics by buying any Kind of Product and get advantage of various discounts and special offer of us. SHAN Electronics is always ready for giving you any service, just call our info number and get 24 hours online support. Various occasion will be held in our institute, participate with us and get special offer .We have a service center, there are skilled electronics Engineers. Our service is all kind of LCD, LED, OLED, 3D and 4K UHD TV in Bangladesh. Our service is not only for our customers but also all of the people in Bangladesh. If you buy from us then you will get Five years service Warranty without parts. We are very much concern about our purchasing and sales service. We assure you that you can’t find any kind of products defect or any single Problem. You can buy any type of accessories from us.

4K UHD TV in Bangladesh

4K UHD TV in Bangladesh brought to you by SHAN Electronics. Television technology has come a long way since it began. Starting from the black and white mute boxes which only show pictures now we have high definition televisions which can give a larger than life experience. Resolution is crucial in modern day TV sets. The higher the resolution, the better the picture and for that reason there should be no compromise while choosing the resolution. A 4K UHD TV is a very best TV you can get. It gives a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is much higher than that of an HD TV which is only 1920×1080. It means a 4K UHD TV has almost double the resolution that a regular HD TV, which ensures better viewing and thus better entertainment. Obviously, a 4K UHD TV is expensive, but the money is worth the performance. However while buying such a Gadget; you should be careful about counterfeits. Some retailers may offer you a slightly lower priced product which is either fake or of Chinese origin, hence inferior in quality. To avoid all these troubles, your best choice is to buy from the reputable retailer SHAN Electronics. We ensure that our clients get the very best products at the lowest possible price and we never compromise on quality. If you can prove any of our products to be fake, we will instantly pay you a sum of 100,000 (1 Lac) taka upfront. We are that confident in our integrity! We also maintain a strict “no Chinese” policy, which means all our products are from the original manufacturers and 100% genuine. So if you want to get the very best 4K UHD TV in Bangladesh then do not waste your valuable money and time on some no-name retailer and visit SHAN Electronics for a worthwhile investment.

AC (Air Conditioner) Price in Bangladesh

AC Price in Bangladesh is within your reach now at SHAN Electronics! Bangladesh is a tropical country, which means it has long and humid summer. In fact, except for a couple of months of moderate cold in the winter, the rest of the year is just too hot. If you live in a city, there is not much forestation to reduce the heat, and sometimes it just gets unbearable. You want desperately to cool down, and for that, you need an AC. A few years back, AC or air conditioners were a commodity solely for the wealthy upper class. People would not miss it that much either, but global warming and deforestation added to the excessive population rise has increased the intensity of the summer in Bangladesh. Nowadays, AC is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity. Middle-class people are also buying and installing AC to get a little comfort in their lives. However, Air Conditions are expensive. At least most people think that way. In reality, the price of an AC is not the only factor you should consider before getting one. How long will it last? How often would you have to do servicing? Will it deliver a good performance, i.e. will it make your room cold enough? We, SHAN Electronics offer the best quality AC of a reputable brand at the minimum possible price. Our products are genuine and well tested, which means you will not need to spend money on maintenance and the performance will satisfy you even if you are a critic. Whether you want a window AC for your home or a split AC for your office, we are th
e right choice for you to visit. We are cautious about our reputation, and therefore we value client’s satisfaction as the number one priority. For good AC at a reasonable price, you will not find a better alternative than us, SHAN Electronics.

TVs Lowest Price in Bangladesh

Lowest TV Price in Bangladesh is offered by us, SHAN Electronics. Yes, it is true! SHAN Electronics is a well reputed company that sells 100% original and high-quality televisions of various reputed brands at the lowest possible price. Regardless of what model or brand you want, whether it is Smart, LED, HD or UHD TV; whether Sony, Samsung, LG or Panasonic, we, SHAN Electronics can fulfill your requirements. Small or big, we have it all! We are very careful about maintaining our good reputation; you can say that SHAN Electronics is a brand by itself. Our shop only sells 100% genuine merchandise! We make sure that Our TVs are far superior in quality to the inferior Chinese products available in the market. If any shop or retailer offers a lower price than us, we can challenge them to be selling either fake/duplicate products or replica Chinese merchandise. If you are willing to spend your valuable money on a TV, you should make sure that not only getting the lowest price, but also the authenticity of the product. It is only at SHAN Electronics where we can find a combination of these two criteria. A counterfeit product could be bought at a lower price, but it is vital that you make sure to check and confirm that the TV you are buying is genuine; else you might end up spending more money on servicing or replacing parts. Furthermore, some spare-parts of high-tech television sets like LED, HD or UHD TV are not available on the market. So if you end up buying a duplicate TV, then you might have no way to repair it when something goes wrong. But at our shop, you will get the authentic merchandise and therefore it will not malfunction. All of these and more at a lucrative lowest price. You are welcome to try our collection of televisions at SHAN Electronics; you will not regret it.

Sound System Price in Bangladesh

Sound System Price in Bangladesh is relatively high, but we, SHAN Electronics bring you the best quality sound systems at the cheapest possible rate. Even though the audio industry in Bangladesh is not that prominent as of yet, there is still quite a big market for various types of sound systems all around the country. And why won’t there be? When you are planning a social function, or a big family get-together, or even a marriage ceremony, music is a must. Without music, there is no fun in parties, and for music, you need loud sound. However, a regular computer speaker is not enough to provide a good enough music effect. Not only is the volume inadequate, but also the bass, the tune, the overall surround effect are in no way good enough. Therefore, for any such occasion, you will need a professional and quality sound system. There are also several other usages of sound systems aside from parties. Professional musicians also require various types of audio systems for tasks like recording, playback and stage performances/shows. Moreover, concerts need big sound systems to give a mass media delivery in front of a big audience. Musicians and concert organizers always demand good sound quality. The very foundation of a rather big industry is based on sound devices, and at our shop, you can get the best quality, genuine products at the lowest possible price. Other retailers in the market sell unreliable, duplicate or fake sound systems at cheaper rates but if you do not want to compromise quality, you should avoid the non-reputed vendors. We at SHAN Electronics sell only the 100% reliable, original products. You can trust our goods and services unconditionally. From our extensive and versatile collection of sound systems and related products, you can find just the right choice for your needs.

Home Appliance

Home Appliance is something you cannot live without in the 21st century. And we, SHAN Electronics have brought to you the best quality, genuine Home Appliances at the most reasonable price that is possible. There is an uprising demand for home appliances in Bangladesh in the recent years, especially after electricity has become more available in the rural areas owing to solar technology and also the reduced supply of natural gas people have opted to use electronic cooking gear on a more regular basis. Also, other electronic appliances are used more than before owing the general increase of the use of technology all over the world. Buying these sorts of devices in our country can be quite tricky as immoral, no name, unreliable vendors often deal in counterfeit or duplicate imported products of inferior quality imported from China at an extremely low cost and then sell them while claiming them to be original for a much higher price. These products do not only fail to deliver the desired performance but also are prone not to last long and malfunction rather easily and abruptly. Sometimes these can also explode and cause harm to the user or surroundings. Therefore, you should be very careful while buying appliances because if you get an inferior duplicate product, not only will it not serve you well but it may even pose a threat to your very well being. Then what is the solution? How and where can you get genuine and authentic appliances for your home? Importing them from abroad by yourself would be too expensive, not to mention the hassle with customs. Therefore the best choice for you is to rely on us. We, SHAN Electronics sell only the very best and 100% authentic products. Our appliances are well tested and are of the best brands in the market. By us, you are guaranteed to get the best quality products at the cheapest rates. So what are you waiting for?

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