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TV Generation Changing Video from Our Youtube Channel

04/04/2016 by shanbd
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TV Generation Changing Video

TV Generation Changing Informative Video

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We wants to Share a Video about Generation Changing of Television. hope you will enjoy it!

The Next Generation of TV in an Era of Rapid Change

New developments in both content and technology could also mean more regulations.

The era of quality content on video streaming services is often referred to as “peak TV,” but Eli Noam, the Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility, thinks that television is nowhere near a downward slope.

“We are entering a golden age of extraordinary innovation on the technology side, with TV-tech leaving its slow-moving standardized past behind and joining the rapid “Moore’s Law” rate of change that has characterized the IT sector,” Noam says. “New tools of ‘content engineering’ are emerging, and enable innovation on the content side. This is culturally and intellectually a fabulous time with all that’s emerging.”

Noam, who has authored several scholarly studies on the societal impact of television in terms of technology, content, business models, and government regulations, is writing a book on what he calls “Cloud TV,” television transmitted via the internet. “It is by far the most comprehensive analysis and in-depth discussion of the emerging next generation of television,” Noam says.

Several media and technology firms — Disney, Apple, AT&T, and Comcast among them — are set to launch streaming services in the coming months, to compete with existing services from Netflix, Hulu, Google, and CBS, raising questions about television’s future for consumers, content creators, and regulators.

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